2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Pittsburgh Penguins Beard-A-Thon
Kris Durbin
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Lord Stanley's Cup -- It's the Unicorn. It's the Holy Grail of hockey. The superstition that surrounds this ultimate prize does not end in the locker room. There are the beards. Some of the greats like Scott Niedermayer and Joe Thornton are known for their almost caveman-like beards. And then there are the youngsters like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin that sprout the occasional chin bud. To celebrate this wonderful time of year and to root my team on, I will join these greats in my vow to drop the razor until it ends! In the process I hope to support a good cause...

The Mario Lemieux Foundation was created in 1993 by hockey legend Mario Lemieux. After a successful battle with Hodgkin’s disease, Mario is now cancer-free and devotes much of his time to the Foundation raising funds to support its initiatives. The objective of the Mario Lemieux Foundation is to fund promising research projects. The Foundation’s most significant gift was a $5 million award to the renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, to establish the Mario Lemieux Centers for Patient Care and Research. The Foundation gave a $2 million gift to the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh and established the Lemieux Family Center. The Foundation also made a $1.6 million gift to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This gift supports a Lemieux Sibling Center and Austin’s Playroom in the new facility, as well as a pediatric oncology research project. For more information about the Mario Lemieux Foundation, please visit www.mariolemieux.org.

So, vote for my beard and make a pledge! If you have any questions or just want to say "hey," e-mail me at . Check back often for updated pcitures!

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